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The full story.

Illuminate Advisory is built upon the breadth and depth of our co-founder's James Green's experience in helping, educate, guide and re-define how people, organizations, and communities approach risk.

In the early events of the COVID-19 pandemic, it became clear that business leaders and government authorities had an all too narrow view of the unfolding situation, choosing instead to focus on immediate measures. 

Drawing from his decades of risk analysis experience, James began to sound the alarm towards the threats that would disrupt global supply chains and economies. 

It was in that moment the critical need for an independent risk advisory became clear; that there was a gap in the market for one that could cut through corporate noise and internal red tape and give a broadened and unbiased perspective on risk. Urgent when needed yet focused on innovation – Illuminate Advisory was formed to champion intelligent risk taking and to enable organizations to understand the full potential of risk.

Since its inception, Illuminate Advisory has forged a reputation for insightful commentary that highlights the need for change in how we categorize, process, and approach risk. 

Furthermore, James and Illuminate Advisory are firm advocates for a fairer risk sector and beyond, by centring diversity, inclusion, and anti-racism in their work with partners, clients, and outreach opportunities. 

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James Green

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James is an advocate of intelligent risk taking, driven by the belief that risk can be a powerful tool to help organizations reach their maximum potential. James uses the breadth of his experience to help C-Suite figures and their organizations to address the rapidly evolving risks that shape the world today.

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