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We provide bespoke risk advisory services for organizations ready to harness the power of risk.

Thought Leadership

Illuminate Advisory is about inspiring business leaders, government authorities and key decision-makers about the big picture of risk. 

We want to shape the way organizations across sectors approach risk at the highest level, therefore we place our unique philosophy on risk behind everything we do; be it webinars, events, or digital content.

We believe that our perspective on the hidden potential of risk is one that any organization can benefit from, and with it we help them find solutions to the key issues affecting businesses today.

And unlike other risk consultancies, we’re not a consultancy, we’re advisors that provide tailored risk and resilience guidance. Which means the thought-leadership services we provide are insightful, unique and individually tailored to the goals of your organization.

Business Continuity and Enterprise Risk Management

When working with an organization, we create detailed and actionable strategies that cut through internal hurdles and identify potential operational disruption.  

As we truly believe in the power of positive risk, our assessment practices are as much about spotting avenues for growth as they are for flagging potential threats.

Our Business Continuity and Enterprise Risk Mangagement services are usually our first undertaking with a client, that is separated into three phases:

  1. Phase 1: Program Gap Assessment
    We take an in-depth look at how your organisation is performing, and create relevant and actionable Gap Assessment of programs.

  2. Phase 2: Program Roadmap
    We build insightful Program Roadmaps that lay out an actionable step by step guide to get you were you need to be in the next 12 months.

Vendor Resilience

Today's businesses cannot thrive without suppliers, partners and vendors.

But often, organisations don't have the time or resources to purchase, implement, and maintain vendor risk management software.

Our Vendor Resilience Assessments allow you to quickly evaluate your critical vendors, and provide you insight on:


  • Vendor Analysis

       How your vendors could become more resilient

  • Vendor Resilience Roadmap

       How you can work with your vendors to increase your resilience

Strategic Vendor Partnerships

Partnerships – they’re in our DNA. As an advisory, we understand the power of partners; how critical they are and their importance in today’s ever-changing world. That’s why we’ve developed alliances with a wide variety of strategic partner innovators across a number of disciplines and sectors; all of whom share our values and perspective on risk.


We create impact through collaboration by:


  • Developing cutting-edge, in-depth tailored content, research, and analysis.

  • Providing inspiring seminars and talks to create positive disruption.

  • Co-authoring events and workshops that showcase our unique approach to risk to deliver a high standard of content on a subject of interest to your audiences.


So, whatever your needs and goals, we have the experts at hand to help create bespoke content to trigger rich clusters of commentary and deepen the knowledge of your audiences.


If you’d like to talk more about a project that we can help you with, get in touch here.

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