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'This Week in Business Continuity’ with James Green - August 2022

James Green sits down with Alex Fullick to discuss business continuity as part of his YouTube Preparing for the Unexpected series.

It's time once again for ‘This Week in Business Continuity’ with Risk and Resilience Professional, James Green. For our August 2022 episode we talk about:

1. The Rogers Outage in Canada, and the impacts it had on the nation…and Alex.

2. Yet another new standard released – this one from Australia; Prudential Standard CPS 230 – Operational Risk Management

3. How the Business Continuity / Resilience industry needs to attract new people and the challenges that exist today with how we’re doing this.

4. The Lightening Round – What happens to many business books – at least by us – and what we’re reading.

5. Stay tuned for a big announcement coming your way during the September 2022 episode.

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