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This Week in Business Continuity’ with James Green

James Green sits down with Alex Fullick to discuss business continuity as part of his YouTube Preparing for the Unexpected series.

For this edition the pair sat down to discuss:

  • The OSHA ETS mandate and the pending ruling from the US Supreme Court.

  • The problems faced by small- and medium-sized businesses and corporate leadership with regards to mandates.

  • Logistical challenges faced with obtaining rapid tests and how the logistics behind the rapid tests just don’t align with the mandates that require them.

  • The recent DRI report on their annual predictions, some of which they really don’t think are predictions because they’ve been happening for some time.

  • They ponder if people have forgotten about IT DRP due to COVID and Cyber issues?

  • With everyone focusing on Cyber (and rightly so!) have we made it possible for criminals to find sneak in behind our backs?

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